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Yesterday was a little bit of a downer for me --- but only because I was in a little bit of a writing funk. But! I have just 3 days left of my 36th year --- and I'm going to make sure these final days will be KICKASS. Trying to pull myself up by my bootstraps:

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* I'm treating myself to a clean mani/pedi (taking my own tools and polishes to a nail salon that now lines their jetted tubs with a fitted...shower cap of sorts). I'm not going for a tasteful, ladylike mani look - I'm going for fun and slightly tacky. #yolo

* I'm on a cleaning rampage for house, handbag and car. I'm selling and donating a bunch of ish AND I'm getting down and dirty to get every corner of Chez Fox sparkling clean! I'm hoping this will help clear up my mental block.

* I'm celebrating writing I've already accomplished by basking in the glow of my latest feature article for Fort Wayne Monthly magazine -- now online -- which highlights the amazing style brands that were founded and are still headquartered here in my hometown. Gotta respect the hustle. 

Writer's block is still hanging over my head (the struggle is real, my friends) but honestly, it feels kind of good to just go stream of consciousness like this... 

Keep it funky.