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I just don't feel like blogging today. I have a massive head cold (that feels like it's finally breaking up), I just sat through 35 minutes of tornado warnings and alarms (one of my worst nightmares) and as I stare at my computer screen, my eyes keep wandering to the Cheerio dust on my floors. I can't concentrate.

I had a fantastic weekend with my family and a great group of friends (thank you to all responsible) but I'm currently battling writer's block. Sure, I have multiple projects I could work on but my brain is just...lame. 

I Googled "how to battle writer's block" and found a few articles/suggestions:

* Take a break. Okay, I'll watch some Southern Charm.

* Write in a new place. But I haven't showered today.

* Write about something else. That's what I'm doing right now.

* Get Moving. Well, I was going to go for a bike ride but the tornado action put the kibosh on that.

* Use Mind Mapping. Hmm, this sounds interesting. This might finally give a purpose to my hoard of cute notebooks. I'll get right on this...after an ep of Southern Charm.