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to poof or not to poof...

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If you know me but at all, you know that I adore cranial accessories. I love bows, clips, headbands, flowers, pins, feathers, turbans, hats, scarves, poofs and any other variety you could throw at me - even the fallopian tube fascinator worn by Princess Beatrice at the wedding of Wills & Kate. I wore a jaunty, minty poof on a television segment last week that drew some criticism on social media...

Like Andy Cohen says, here's what:

Style is subjective. Like any other form of expression, how stylish one might be can always be up for debate. I welcome this idea - it's part of the reason I felt compelled to start blogging a few years ago. Style can mean many different things to many different kinds of people and I like to embrace and celebrate that notion. I'm all about having fun and I love a good laugh...especially in my wardrobe. I don't like to take things too seriously and sometimes I just need some extra flair to get through the day. Sue  me. 

The critical post basically claimed that my poof was small town, not big city. On this I disagree. This person may not have liked my poof and that's fine. But to allege that such a thing would never be seen in a large metropolitan area is just silly. I have lived in Boston, Massachusetts and spent a semester of college in London. I have visited European cities and have friends from all over the world. While I wish I could travel more, I'm certainly not a stranger to culture or diversity of style. Furthermore, some very high profile ladies within the fashion industry are known for wearing such things as poofs atop their heads. Google Anna Dello Russo, Tavi Gevinson or Anna Piaggi to see some examples. In addition to women who are known for taking repeated fashion risks, there are others who occasionally step outside their comfort zone to try something new or edgy - sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Yes, even Heidi Klum has had some misses

So, to poof or not to poof...I will always choose to poof. And guest what? I have bigger.

The offending poof...