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survive the end times in style...

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In preparation for the end of the world, I've compiled a list to make sure you pillage and scrap for survival in're welcome.

* A cross body bag will keep you hands free and allows for easing looting. Also, load up on lightweight, folding bags in case you come across more goods than your single bag can carry. 

* Look to your jewelry box for extra security. Spiked and studded jewels can help to ward off predators...think of these pieces as your uber fashionable quills, tusks and horns.

* Stock up on organic beans. Just because it's the end of the world doesn't mean you have to subject yourself to cancer causing pesticides.

* A collapsible pouch style water bottle takes up no room and no lbs when empty. Bright colors and patterns will keep your hydration on the go fun!

* Comfy wedge booties give you extra height but without the pain of a heel...the rising popularity of the sneaker wedge is no coincidence. Marc Jacobs cited the end of the Mayan Calendar as his inspiration for creating a shoe that looks super cool yet will be functional during a worldwide crisis. ***lies, all lies

* Dress in lots of thin layers. You'll need to be able to wear everything you keep because you won't want to be carting around a suitcase. Stick to neutrals for easy blending. I suggest the DKNY Classic Cozy sweater because it can be worn in so many different ways.

* Hook yourself up with a multitasking implement like a chic, printed Swiss Army knife. You'll be able to filet roadkill, open beer bottles (you should be so lucky), file your nails into sharp points, tweeze your brows and defend yourself against attackers all with one tool.

* You'll need a flashlight and it'd be useful to have a radio around just in case someone is broadcasting...I like this all in one device that even can charge your smartphone! 

* Grab a stick of eye black which will help to reduce the glare of the sun which will no doubt be bouncing off all the shattered glass. This can also be used to create a sexy, smoky eye if you've got a hot, post crisis date.

Best wishes to all!