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the lipstick quest...

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Finding the perfect lipstick is a lifelong quest for most women. you end up with a graveyard of half used tubes of various formulas and colors while the search continues. Sheer glosses wear out quickly...matte and "long wear" lipsticks leave your lips parched...shiny, thick and goopy color is a magnet for strands of hair.

But - not to worry...NWS has uncovered the holy grail of lip color (along with many other product junkies)! SHU UEMURA Rouge Unlimited has it all: creamy and comfortable formula, incredible shine, luxuriously long wearing, a giant range of colors and award winning, stylish packaging. Keep one in your handbag which can also be used as cream blush on the go...voilà - the perfect lipstick!

- posted on the move!