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NWS loves designer fragrances just as much as the next girl but our favorite scents tend to be more simple - and typically less expensive to boot.  Scents like lily of the valley or lilac beat any mass produced, mass marketed fragrance.

Skip the department store for a more classic and timeless scent. An NWS ABSOLUTE FAVORITE is Demeter Fragrance Library. Demeter offers hundreds of single note fragrances so if you love the heady smell of grass you can buy exactly that. If you love the scent of freesia, green tomato, tangerine or bonfire...uh huh, bonfire...why not wear that one note rather than dilute it with additional layers?  Demeter captures the classic to the wacky - even lobster (what?) and mesquite scents (this one's a little rough - trust us). From almond to ylang ylang and almost everything in between - including vinyl and Play Doh. Prices start at $6 so you can try a few for less than the cost of the fragrance all your friends are currently wearing.
Demeter Fragrance Library - Rain Cologne Spray 1ozDemeter Fragrance Library - Fuzzy Navel Cologne Spray 1/2ozDemeter Fragrance Library - Condensed Milk Cologne Spray 1ozDemeter Fragrance Library - Kahala Coconut Cologne Spray 1oz