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Style inspiration in movie form is so powerful...NWS has compiled the definitive list of stylish movies (we think).  If you disagree, make your own list!

In alphabetical order are the films in which great style is chronicled or exhibited in one way or another...these are not exclusively fashion films per se but movies, characters and stories that stimulate our sartorial senses:

All About Eve - Oscar winning movie with glamorous stars Bette Davis and Marilyn Monroe
Almost Famous - a hippie chic look we could go for
Annie Hall - Diane Keaton's quirky wardrobe is the eptiome of chic menswear as womenswear
Auntie Mame - the jewels, the grandeur, the robes...Rosalind Russell is tres glam AND hilarious in this role
Big Business - funny ladies with giant 80's shoulder pads
Bonnie & Clyde - pretty sure the real Bonnie was not so hot but Faye Dunaway's beret is super chic for a lady on the lam!
Breakfast at Tiffany's - the single highlight, tiara, pearls and long black gloves are forever Audrey's (the rest of us can certainly try...)
Bye Bye Birdie - somehow Ann Margaret as a high school teen doesn't seem right with those curves but her slim capri pants and sassy pink ruffled top are fabulous nonetheless
Can't Buy Me Love - the entire film hinges on a ruined suede outfit...we can dig it
Clueless - who doesn't yearn for Cher's rotating and polaroided closet?
Dial M for Murder - Hitchcock + Grace Kelly = legendary style
Dr. No - one word: bikini!
Ferris Bueller's Day Off - Sloane's fringed, white leather jacket
Funny Face - what a discovery!
Funny Girl - Bab's and the Ziegfeld Follies...such lush costuming!
Gentleman Prefer Blondes- the birth of the iconic pink gown
Gone with the Wind - old school Southern frills aside, it takes a stylish woman to pull off drapes!
Grease - she's sweet and cute as a fresh faced highschooler but Sandy's tough girl makeover is quite spectacular..."Tell me about it, Stud (wink)!"
The Great Gatsby - lavish living in the roaring '20's
Heathers - popular, croquet playing high school chicks, the original Mean Girls
High Society - Grace Kelly plays beautiful and rich like no one's business...hmmm, what a stretch!
How to Marry a Millionnaire - a trio of single ladies on the hunt for wealthy men would have to look pretty damn great, no?
Marc Jacobs x Louis Vuitton - a facinating glimpse into an amazing and hectic industry
Marie Antoinette - Sofia Coppola's film takes a back seat to the costume design itself
Pret a Porter - a fun, celeb filled romp through the world of high fashion
Pretty Woman - rags to riches
Pulp Fiction - Mia Wallace is so crisp in minimalist black and white with her red pout
Rear Window- see the equation for Dial M for Murder above
Romy & Michele's High School Reunion - delightfully tacky in pink and purple marabou
The Royal Tennenbaums - Gwyneth Paltrow's kohl lined eyes, slick bob, fur coat and Hermes bag are enough but the set and costume design of this film (and all Wes Anderson joints) is mind numblingly perfect
Sabrina - one of the most delightful makeover movies
The September Issue - we could watch this everyday just to witness the goings on of the Vogue offices
Sex & The City: The Movie - any costumes by Patricia Field are worth watching
Shampoo - sexy Californian's in the mid 70's
The Talented Mr. Ripley - the style and panache of the rich in the late 50's is so appealing...back when people would "dress"
The Thomas Crown Affair - both versions offer a stylish and smart storyline along with matching characters
To Catch A Thief - Grace Kelly's white chiffon dress is a stunner (as is every other inch of fabric she wears)
Troop Beverly Hills - who could turn a girl scout uniform into Cali-socialite-glam?  Phyllis Neff - that's who!
Unzipped - Isaac Mizrahi should have a camera on him at all times
Valentino: The Last Emperor - a hilarious, touching and humanizing glimpse of one of the true greats
Vertigo - the legendary Edith Head nails it (as was her custom)
Zoolander - Blue Steel!