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bag inside a bag...

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Our modern handbags have become so large and heavy most women are Sherpas in platform heels. We all carry the basics: wallet, phone, keys, lip product du jour. But what about the sippy cups, sunscreen, reusable grocery sacks, notebook/iPad, phone chargers, handsfree device, umbrella, snacks, hand sanitizer, bottled water, random toy for emergency tantrum, and let's be honest here, more than one lip product.

The best system NWS has found is the bag inside a bag concept. Are we the first to suggest this? Why no, thank you for asking.

Divide and conquer your clutter by separating your daily must haves into smaller, brightly colored and easily spotted compartments.

All lip products, spare hair bands/clips, perfume, emergency tampons, blotting papers, tweezers, hand sanitizer and the like get a stylish bag.

A zip pouch holds receipts, a small pen and notebook, business cards (yours and others) and random bits of life's detritus.

Foldable, reusable shopping bags are lightweight and don't take up a ton of space.

A foldover clutch corrals tech gear like the handsfree device of choice, spare batteries, headphones, chargers. This handy piece also doubles as your evening appropriate, mustgrabadrinkatthebarafterwork (or MGADATBAW) bag.

- posted on the move!