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summer jewels...

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As the temperatures rise so do the hemlines, as they say...everything seems to get a bit lighter in fact. Heavy leather handbags become light straw totes or colorful fabric shoulder bags. Dark pumps tend to go by the wayside in favor of pedicure exposing sandals and flip flops. Thick makeup gives way to fresh summer skin. During the warmer months you just want to wear less and and that goes for jewels too.

From statement necklaces to giant rings, lighten up for summer in palette and weight. Heavy and thick chains and links don't seem to mesh with sunnier wardrobes.

Skin baring dresses and blouses pair well with a charm dangling from a delicate gold chain. A colorful strand of beads or coral inspired necklace take the place of thicker bib necklaces. Keshi pearls seem more natural, as if freshly plucked from the ocean, than their more classic, round counterparts.

Enamel and wood styles are always popular during this season. Mix a few bamboo and thin gold bracelets together for a casual yet eye catching look. Crisp white or vibrant enameled cuffs go well with Palm Beach style dresses or out to dinner. A clang of metal bangles pair perfectly with flowy tunics. Clear lucite is always popular this time of year and is the perfect compliment to bold and colorful prints.

If it's too hot to wear any other jewelry, earrings are the go to piece. A flash of metallic or bright hue will liven up any outfit without the weight of a full jewelry ensemble. Simple studs are a perfect, no frills answer for the day.

Occasionally the heat can swell fingers which makes rings a challenge. Grab one that can easily slide onto your middle or pointer finger which will allow you to then slip it on to your ring finger if you feel tightness. The perfect summer cocktail ring is a large, light colored stone which can be paired with any beachy look.

Remember to keep jewels at the beach to a minimum. A thin, gold, inexpensive bangle is typically just enough. Anything more tends to look a little trashy what with all that skin. Besides, no one wants to lose precious jewels to the sea or sand. Old men don't just comb the beach with metal detectors for no reason!

- posted on the move!