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pat yourself (and others) on the back...

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On a recent foraging session for cute things, NWS came across a collection of badges, awards and wands that will be making appearances at our loved ones birthdays, anniversaries, and up coming what have yous...'s line, aptly named Bravissimo, has all the materials you need to make the special peeps in your life feel like heroes...and what's better than that??

There is a big selection of ready made medals and such but also on offer are all the components for you to make a unique ribbon or magic wand...and we always love custom (even if it's semi custom) over pre made...

NWS is going to use these in place of greeting cards going forward since most end up in the trash or shoved in a box.  These pretty little things can be displayed or even re used!

This is our first ribbon, of many to come...

 (tiny card and envelope included on the back of the ribbon)

This beats any old greeting card any day!