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throw a party from someone else's kitchen...

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{Dinner at Eight...}

The best way to avoid cleaning up after a dinner party is to host it outside your home.  That's right - host a dinner party at your favorite restaurant! Make arrangements ahead of time with the manager, select the menu, wine/beverages and agree to a price per head then create your guest list.  If there is no private room ask for a more intimate corner instead.
* Side note: Inquire with the manager if you can provide your own wine - that would certainly help keep the cost down (which is precisely why the resto might refuse this request...but it's worth asking)...

This is, of course, a more expensive way to go for a dinner party, however it might be just the solution for a truly special evening where you get to be the hostess without the hassle.  Just think of it - you get to socialize with your guests rather than fretting over the stove or cleaning up dishes afterward.  Some restaurants may not have done something like this previously but that doesn't mean they can't be convinced...

{Small details...}

Arrive early to be sure the manager has your payment information beforehand.  Arrange place cards as well as a special centerpiece or bouquet to add a more unique flair to the table.  You may also choose to bring additional finishing details such as napkin holders or pretty cocktail napkins. 

{Another thing to consider...}

Host a brunch instead and have just as much fun but save some coin! Offer a mimosa in addition to loads of coffee and OJ.  Have the resto serve everything family style: a bowl of scrambled eggs, a basket of toast/breads, a platter of breakfast meat, a bowl of yogurt/granola/fruit parfait and a hefty stack of pancakes or waffles with syrup!