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the brush off...

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I am a product junkie through and through and I'm always on the hunt for great new potions and tools.   But I'm pretty skeptical when it comes to beauty appliances like zit zappers, at home hair removal lasers and electric skin brushes.  I never stick to the suggested routine which means the gear just gathers dust in my bathroom.

I consistently read great product reviews for a well known skin care brush I once owned.  I hated having to keep it charged and it took up valuable bathroom counter space.  While the results were nice I achieve the same with a manual skin care brush from Sephora without the drain on my electricity.  TIP:  the best aspect of the electronic skin care brush is the timing function so be sure to use your manual brush for about 60 seconds for maximum effect.
Moral of the story: If you're thinking of shelling out over $100 for a skin care brush first try a $5 cheapie from your local beauty supply or drugstore.