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fall makeup trends and tips...

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Today on INsight the ladies and I discussed the trends for makeup and hair this season.  Check out the clips below!

Fall Make Up Trends - I love Charity's quote about painting the barn...hilarious!  I'd love to say I leave the house looking super glam everyday but that just isn't the case.  When I don't put on my face (as my grandmother says) I opt for a luminizing moisturizer for a subtle glow...but I NEVER leave without sunglasses...NEVER!

Eye & Hair Trends - I love a chignon but always need help doing it myself...Click here to buy or here for detailed usage.  Check out the complete range from Butter of my very favorite beauty brands EVER! Click here for the mascara I presented on air by CoverGirl but for my navy colored mascara pick of the season click here

Lip & Cheek Trends - I am so into a red lip this fall (and nearly every fall) but Tarte's Natural Lip Tint is my new favorite.  Stila Convertible Color compacts are must haves for me...I adore all the colors for both lips and cheeks (and in some cases eyes).