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I was recently given the opportunity to tour a very special place here in Ft. Wayne, Indiana.  Cancer Services is a not for profit organization that helps those affected by cancer "by providing individual support, durable medical equipment, information, transportation, health supplies, financial assistance, complementary care and support groups."  It's an amazing organization and one that deserves a ton of community support since I've yet to meet anyone who has not been affected by cancer...

In addition to the multitude of services and support offered, Cancer Services provides complimentary body massages and wigs to their clients.  I was absolutely stunned when I walked into the wig room - there are so many options, including head wraps and hats.  The loss of hair during cancer treatment can add tons of worry to an already stressful experience.  Plus, wigs can be very expensive to own and maintain.  Cancer Services allows their clients two wigs at a time and they can be switched out if they want to try something new.  A volunteer helps to maintain the wigs and as well as fit the clients so they leave with a look they can love during a very difficult time.

Check out all the services and support offered by Cancer Services here.  Consider volunteering, making a donation or participating in an event sponsored by Cancer Services to help support this very noble and important Ft. Wayne organization.