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all about scarves on INsight...

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Today on INsight we chat about easy ways to update your look and then I show you how to work with various scarves...Watch the segments below:

Easy Fall Makeovers - Push yourself to try something new like switch lipstick colors, try a new manicure or even part your hair on the other side or in the middle (sometimes it really is dramatic)!  Wear bold colored shoes or try a bright handbag or just a new handbag shape.  We all get into ruts now and then so get crazy and splurge on something exciting and different!

Using Scarves - Play around with different colors, textures and materials to switch up your look with just a scarf.  Use your scarves in place of jewelry or belt them to make a scarf more like a shirt.  There's no one way to wear a scarf so experiment and share your results with me!

side note: you have no idea how many times I've wrestled with that purple scarf bracelet at home...that's why I got I'd  have someone to tie that damn bracelet for me.

As always, thank you for watching!!!