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Friday's Five fragrances!

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I have recently decided to remove traditional fragrances from my life in an effort to cut down on chemical laden beauty products.  Below are my new favorite fragrance brands that do not contain hormone disruptors and other awful ingredients:

* Nantucket Natural Oils - this company offers a huge array of single note fragrances that are great on their own or can be blended to resemble well known fragrances.  I started purchasing from this store during summers on Nantucket before I was aware of the eco aspect...

* Florascent - stunning fragrances and beautiful packaging to boot!

* Intelligent Nutrients - I definitely need to explore their full selection but their body elixirs are lovely!

* Pacifica - I love every single one of these fragrances and they have a wide distribution, making it easier for you to sniff before you buy.

* Rich Hippie - The cheeky name alone reels me in but the fragrances are awesome and the simple packaging is perfect.  The price point is HIGH so it's definitely a splurge but one bottle lasts a looooong time...

Have a lovely weekend everyone!