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Quite a few years ago I watched a 60 Minutes segment about SAS, a software company.  The profile focused on their employee benefits and I was BLOWN AWAY!  According to the piece, their impressive list of creature comforts started with the introduction of free M&M's on Wednesdays and grew to include a mind boggling list of resources and services...I started to list some of them but became totally overwhelmed...their list is VAST!  Watch the piece (in 2 segments) below:

Once I'd seen this profile on SAS, my opinion about how companies and offices should run had been forever transformed.  Now, there are many companies doing really cool things for their employees and that number is growing, slowly but surely.  Part of the reason I decided to pursue a freelance career is because I was tired of toiling under a lame, outdated corporate structure.

My former employer offered a ton of flexibility, some fabulous non traditional benefits and really did take care of me in a variety of ways.  I cannot say enough how much I still appreciate (and always will) my entire experience with said company.  That being said, "taking lunch" was frowned upon most of the time so I'd eat with one hand and type on my computer with the other.  I don't feel daily work should prevent someone from eating like a normal human being.  Sure, there are days when it's important to work straight through lunch but for that to be the norm is unnecessary.  And, part of the flexibility within my position was due to my near constant availability via emails, phone calls and texts, regardless of day or time or holiday.  I slept with my phone next to my pillow in case I needed to arrange a car service at 3am.

While I will always be the type of employee who will take on work beyond my job description and make myself available after hours I now fully know the importance of a healthy work/life balance.  Employers need to understand that fostering their company culture with generosity and goodwill will return more productive and loyal employees.  Every employee can and should be a brand ambassador and the way you treat every single member of your company will influence that, negatively or positively.

Employers should go beyond a paycheck to give back to the people working for them, even if it is free M&M's on Wednesdays...