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introducing @fwshopreport...

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I am a buyer by trade and am always searching for the coolest new stuff and the best deals and promotions around.  While I follow many retail brands through social media it's hard to catch every relevant tweet.  This got me thinking...

What if there was a Twitter feed customized for my local area that captured the greatest retail opportunities?  Shoppers could tweet at this account when they spotted great items for sale or on sale.  Local vendors could tweet at this account for more visibility and to drive traffic to their stores.

I'm happy to introduce to you now: @fwshopreport

As I scout around town and online I'll share with you all what I find of note through this feed.  I encourage all genders and ages and interests to tweet to @fwshopreport when you spot something another shopper might find interesting.  Please share the handle with your friends and family and as you interact with shop owners and managers.  I started this account a few months ago but I hadn't sussed out exactly how I would use it...AND I fully expect it to evolve further as more people engage with the idea.

I will do my best to retweet the best deals...I can't wait to see what everyone finds!!