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It's easy being green...

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I'm always looking for better ways to green my life and it's getting easier and easier due to increased awareness, technology and availability.  Today on INsight I chatted with Emilie & Charity about how much easier it is these days to go organic!

Being Green at Home - I am a HUGE fan of reusable shopping bags by Baggu because they are lightweight and fold up into thin square packs making it super easy to stash one or two in your handbag or your glove compartment.

Also, I referenced the Dirty Seven list of foods to buy organic but I was missing a few!!! It's the Dirty Dozen - oops!  Click HERE for a list you can keep in  your wallet or save to your phone for quick and easy reference.

Eco Friendly Cosmetics - Gone are the days when finding natural beauty products was a challenging task.  Drug, department, big box and mainstream specialty stores now offer multiple eco friendly lines in all categories.  Of course, just because a product has the word "organic" or "natural" doesn't mean it's free of harmful chemicals.  Read the labels of your personal care products just as you would food labels.  The ingredients are listed in order of volume within the product and as always, the fewer ingredients the better...especially the hard to pronounce ones!

The site I reference on the show for checking the toxicity of your beauty products is: The Environmental Working Group Skin Deep Cosmetic Database.

I welcome any product related questions via email so please do not hesitate to email me:

As always, thanks for watching!!