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Veteran's Day...

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Instead of a style post I'm observing Veteran's Day in honor of the fine military men from my family.

Colonel Steven Craig Dodds (Army) - my father who passed away after a tough battle with Brain Cancer 3 years ago.  He was intensely funny and charming and is the toughest man I've ever met.  While driving through the countryside one day he came upon a house on fire and with no delay ran into the house and saved the occupants.  A true hero...

Lieutenant Colonel Horton C Dodds (Army) - my paternal grandfather who we called Pop Pop.  He was an incredible cook and craftsman.  He made each of his granddaughters beautiful doll houses and his grandsons red barns.  For each Christmas he and my grandmother hollowed out, painted and adorned quail eggs and transformed them into ornaments and jewelry boxes.
side note: the C in his name doesn't stand for's just an initial that he added himself.  AND - he worked on the creation of Tang!

Captain Donn Langdon Ashley (Navy) - my maternal grandfather with whom I was extremely close.  His football teammates at the Naval Academy called him "The Barrel."  He was stationed in so many amazing countries and he was cultured and extremely intelligent.  He had the BEST sense of humor and made friends wherever he went.  He was a train buff to the max and I spent many hours chasing locomotives with him.  Today I chase trains with my son who is a train buff just like his great grandfather!

There are many more Veteran's in my family tree but the three above were passionately devoted to and spent their careers in the military.

The Veteran's coming home today from Iraq and Afghanistan need our attention and care.  Please visit the sites below to learn more about how you can thank those who fight to keep us safe and free...

Welcome Back Veterans

Veteran's and Families

Operation Homefront

Thank you...