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Attending a mid week holiday party? Below are my tricks for taking your look from office to party in mere minutes:

Let's assume you're wearing a neutral suit (pants or skirt with tights) and neutral shoes, mmmkay?

LIP COLOR - Nothing perks up a face in seconds flat than a BOLD lip color. If a traditional red isn't your thing go for a darker plum or a bright pink.

ALL ABOUT EYES - The BIG difference between day and night makeup comes down to the eyes. A smokey cat eye is not office appropriate but as soon as 5pm hits (everyone is done working right at 5pm, right?) swipe on more shadow and liner.

HAIR UP, SPARKLY EARRINGS - For a festive look that can punch up neutral work garb in seconds, pull hair away from face to expose gorgeous and glimmering earrings...the bigger the better! If you have short hair your job is even easier.

SHOULDERS AND SHOES - Ditch your blazer for a plush wrap. Bonus points for wearing a colorful silk or satin shell under your blazer in the first place. As for shoes, plain black always works but if you can switch to something more glamorous with color or embellishments, do so!

CLUTCH - Only take your essentials into the party - cell phone, ID/credit card/cash, lip color - by using a clutch rather than your day bag. Nothing ruins a party look like a casual, hulking purse!

Extra tip: Pack a small bag with the essentials listed above to keep in your car or at your desk.  This way you'll be prepared if you forgot to consult your calendar before leaving home for the day!

Let's say you're reading this post in your office on the day of your forgotten party and you're unprepared (you know who you are)...Get thee to CVS or Walgreens! Pick up a new lip color, some inexpensive jewels and a wrap or scarf (most larger drugstores have these) and you're done!

If you don't have time for any of these tips, don't fret. Just be a good guest for your hostess by adding holiday cheer - smile and be charming!