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traveling for the holidays?

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'Tis the season for snowy road trips and airport delays...which means it's time to pack! Here are my favorite, no fail tips for packing like a pro!

* Stick with neutral clothing pieces that can be mixed and matched for maximum mileage from all the items in your suitcase. Jersey and knit fabrics pack nicely but for silk or satin pieces use tissue paper for protection against wrinkles. I know people talk about rolling clothes instead of folding but I've not had much luck with that technique.

* Load up on the accessories and jewelry to make your outfits more interesting or colorful. You don't need a ton of space to accommodate jewels so over packing in this category is encouraged. Use velvet pouches to protect chunky necklaces and bracelets and stash delicate earrings and rings in a sturdy jewelry travel case.

* Wear your coat, boots and chunky sweater on the plane or in the car so as not to take up valuable space in your bag or suitcase. Pack folding leather ballet flats (many come with a coordinating pouch) and a pair of heels for your more festive ensembles. Yes, a total of 3 pairs of shoes...gasp!

* I am a sucker for vintage suitcases but airport travel demands modern gear. Invest in a durable neutral colored rolling suitcase that is appropriately sized for carry on requirements. Use ribbons to customize or add some colorful luggage tags. OR you could make a stencil out of cardboard and use fabric paints to emblazon your boring bag with your last name, your monogram or something cute like "MINE!" in neon orange, natch!

* Decant beauty products into smaller bottles and jars or use your stash of samples. Cream blush can double as lipstick and vice versa. Leave your blow dryer at home but take dry shampoo and your flat iron for touch ups. Keep your beauty needs in an easily wiped bag in the event of spillage. I go into more detail about packing cosmetics here.

* An extra tote, like the very lightweight and foldable Baggu, is great to stash in your suitcase to hold extra purchases or to corral dirty laundry. The zip pouches are awesome as well and have many uses!

* Make a list of everything you pack as a reference for when it's time to come home.

Happy Trails!

bonus tip: "Need" to travel with alcohol (like I do)? Check here first!