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French Lessons...part deux

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I traveled from Paris to Normandy & Brittany during my week in France. One of my very favorite spots was the town of Honfleur, located on an estuary of the Seine. There was a giant flea market taking place right next to the harbor and the tiny streets were jammed packed with fantastic shops. I hated to leave...especially without the tusks that resembled a mustache.
Deauville came next. I was so excited to see this oh so posh resort town where Coco Chanel came to relax. The town is impeccably clean, jammed with high end shops (ahem, Hermes) and is a playground for the very wealthy. Coincidentally, this was the scene of my terrine dinner from hell.
Mont Saint Michel was my next stop and I was totally unprepared for the amount of walking that would take place upon arrival. That being said, I had an absolute blast climbing up to the tip top and then slowly making my way down through the maze of hallways and chambers of the abbey. There is one small, steep, cobblestone street lined with charming shops and restaurants, including La Mere Poulard, where the omelet was invented!
I then traveled to Amboise in the Loire Valley where I toured Leonardo de Vinci's final home, Clos Luce, and enjoyed some very tasty local wines. Leo's house was incredible and cheery and his many inventions were displayed via models and 3D animations with some life sized versions in the garden.

While I could have easily spent my entire week in Paris I'm so happy I was able to see more of the country and to learn more about French history and culture.