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French Lessons...part trois

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Differences in culture means that ordinary products, signs & the like become unintentionally amusing. A stop at a convenience store off the highway turned out to be very entertaining what with unique drink options, Style Hollywood gum and fashion magazines that come packaged with complimentary makeup brushes. The kids "to go" lunches packed in plastic backpacks were very cute and came with healthier foods, stickers and toys rather than processed junk.
I made it to Paradis Latin for a classic, Parisian cabaret show which was just as cheesy as the scene in European Vacation --- I enjoyed every second of it. My inner 12 year old giggled at street side condom vending machines and stores with names like Plume Tit (sounds painful). I was also very delighted when I ran across normally sized and CLEAN bathrooms...thumbs up!
Street signs and graffiti are always intriguing to me. 
La Maison des Pigeon made me laugh while Les Deux Magots prompted me to scratch my head and then dry heave.